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CNN Money, when they were still using the FNN (Financial News Network, which they absorbed) name, was rated by Money magazine as the top investment news site.

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BigCharts is an economic charting supersite owned by MarketWatch. You can open a popup window that follows the major indexes and refresh the data whenever you want.

MSN Money is Microsoft's financial megasite. CNBC pages, formerly buried within MSN Money Central, are now separate.

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What once was CBS MarketWatch is now MarketWatch from Dow Jones. Their search form has more options than the others, including searches for SEC filings (EDGAR) and for the downloadable annual reports of some major corporations.

Trading Day is a financial information search engine-- enter stock symbols (you can enter more than one at a time), and stock-specific links to many major financial websites are returned in categories: quotes, charts, SEC filings, analysts reports, earnings, estimates, message board postings, more.

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SEC EDGAR Search: EDGAR, the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system, is a database of all corporate information forms filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) since 1993.
Enter a company CIK number, or up to the first 20 characters of the company name (e.g. "Eastman Kodak", not "Kodak"), or enter other data to get a list of company names, and click on the "Find" key.

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Yahoo!'s stock quote search, along with the small chart, data, news, and price, also provides a list of useful links to more.

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Yahoo!'s stock ticker symbol lookup finds company ticker symbols on over 50 worldwide exchanges.

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market: US & Canada World Markets

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other symbol lookups: CNN Money - Big Charts-MarketWatch

Investing In Bonds This site from the Bond Market Association tracks municipal, corporate, and treasury bonds, and is loaded with tutorial info.

BondVillage BondVillage provides individual and professional investors with high quality, unbiased bond information and investment ideas. They are highly recommended by Money magazine.

The Bond Center at broker Etrade is one of the web's best bond sites.

The Dismal Scientist serves up US macro level economic forecasts and historical data, plus state and metro area information, commentary, and more.

IPO Central (now a section of Hoover's) provides info about companies holding initial public offerings of stock.

Worldly Investor serves up international investing information.

Emerging Markets provides advice on international investing, such as: "Optimism is a commodity of dubious value when it comes to Russian capital markets."

Silicon Investor has discussion forums, tutorials, market news and more, for those as interested in the NASDAQ as the DJIA.

Morningstar Mutual Funds, according to Money magazine, is by far the best funds site on the web.

Raging Bull Forums, financial message boards, are part of the network.

The Superstar Investor directory "provides descriptive summaries and more than 18,300 links to the best investing sites on the Internet."

Hoover's free company info search provides information on about 14,000 companies, including profile, financial data, and links to SEC filings.

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